Personal & Vehicle Loans

FLEX Loans

Once approved you have the flexibility to draw funds up to your approved limit. Based on your individual borrowing needs, access these funds on a reoccurring basis all within 5 minutes.

  • $500 minimum - $25,000 maximum (pre-established limit)
  • Flexible monthly payment options
  • Max term 72 months
  • Rates as Low as 6.25%

Signature Loans

  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • No Fees
  • Fixed Term (max term 72 months)
  • Fast Approval
  • $1,000 minimum - $25,000 maximum

Share-Secured Loans

  • Borrow up to 100% of any deposit account balance (excluding share draft checking)
  • 3.00% above your current deposit rate
  • Your savings continues to earn interest even while your borrowing money
  • Secured deposit becomes available as you make payments
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Rates as low as 3.05% Loan Rates

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

  • Linked to your share draft checking account to prevent you from overdrawing 
  • $5,000 maximum line limit available

Vehicle Loans

  • New or Used Vehicles
  • Finance up to 140% of NADA value
  • Re-Financing Options
  • Flexible Terms (12 - 84 months)
  • Rates as low as 2.25%

RV Loans (Includes motorcycles, motorhomes, boats, campers, etc.)

Title Loans

Have equity in your vehicle? Why not let us hold your title and get a personal loan at a discounted rate.

  • Borrow against your vehicle
  • Auto loan rates
  • Call our East Hartford Branch at (860) 291-0345 or visit your local branch for more details!

Protection Products

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP - Auto Loan Protection)
  • Extended Vehicle Service Warranty ( VSC )
  • Credit Life / Credit Disability
  • TotalRestart Program

GAP – Interested in receiving $1,000 toward a future credit union vehicle loan? “Click Here”

VSC – Interested in a true $0 deductible extended vehicle warranty coverage? “Click Here"

TotalRestart Program - If your vehicle experiences a total loss, we'll help you get back into a vehicle like the one you originally financed. "Click Here" for more info. 



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