Consumer Loans

Personal Loans

  • Unsecured loans for your personal needs
  • Maximum term of 5 years
  • $500 Minimum
  • $25,000 Maximum for qualified members

Automobile Loans

  • New or used cars
  • Up to 140% financing
  • New vehicles have a max term of 7 years
  • Used vehicles have a max term of 6 years
  • Vehicle loans with terms extending past 10 model years old must have NADA collateral value >$15,000 (at time of closing).

RV Loans (Includes motorcycles, motorhomes, boats, campers, etc.)

  • New or used
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Term is based on age and loan amount 

Share-Secured Loans

  • Loan secured by your share account
  • Borrow up to 90% of share account balance

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

  • Linked to your checking account to prevent you from overdrawing 
  • $5,000 maximum line limit available
  • Line transfers in $100 increments

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