Savings Accounts

Saving money and planning for your future doesn’t have to be hard. Contributing to growing your savings is easy with automatic deposits, and competitive dividends. Let America’s First Network Credit Union help you make it happen.

Savings (Share) Accounts

$5 minimum is all it takes to contribute to your membership. Members earn a quarterly dividend based on average daily balances.

  • This is your primary account that identifies your membership
  • The initial $5 deposit contributes to your membership and must be maintained at all times. $5 represents your share of America’s First Network Credit Union and makes you an owner of America’s First Network Credit Union
  • Account earns quarterly dividends on average daily balance while allowing immediate access to funds
  • Free MasterCard Debit Card available with Surcharge-free ATM access at thousands of Allpoint network locations nationwide

Money Market Account

We offer a higher dividend earning account based on your account balance. All it takes is a $1,000 balance to start earning a higher dividend rate.

  • Higher dividend earning account
  • $1000 minimum balance
  • Able to make six withdrawals per month without penalty

Youth Account

Start investing in your child’s future today. Teach them about financial literacy with a Youth Account from America’s First Network Credit Union. All you need is $5 to open an account and show your child how easy it is to save and earn money.

  • Help your children (age 18 and under) build strong savings habits
  • Earns quarterly dividends on average daily balance while allowing immediate access to funds
  • $5 minimum balance

Club Accounts

Think of this as your play money account for Christmas and vacation. Christmas funds are disbursed annually with one free additional withdrawal/transfer. While the vacation funds can be requested for disbursement at any time, 3 times a year for free per calendar year.

  • Christmas Club or Vacation Club options
  • You determine how much you want to save by making deposits directly via direct deposit or automatic transfer
  • No minimum balance

G.R.A.D. Accounts

Getting Ready for a Degree. This account is ideal for members who are getting ready to transition to higher education. With a higher dividend, get your student ready to succeed before they begin.

  • Getting Ready for A Degree (tuition, school supplies, computers, registration fees, etc.)
  • Private school tuition from kindergarten to grade 12
  • $100.00 Minimum

H.O.M.E. Accounts

Home Ownership Made Easier. Whether you are a first-time homeowner, or looking to add more properties to your portfolio, a H.O.M.E account for America’s First Network Credit Union, can help you achieve this financial goal sooner than expected.

  • Home Ownership Made Easier (down payment, mortgage payments, inspections, closing costs, attorney’s fees, etc.)
  • $100.00 Minimum

P.A.C.E. Accounts

Planning Ahead for Cash Emergencies. This is an above market account for members who are planning for specific future life events.

  • Planning Ahead for Cash Emergencies (job loss, illness, birth of child, divorce, etc.)
  • $100.00 Minimum

H.E.L.P. Accounts

  • Home Energy Liquidity Plan (heating, oil, gas, electric heat)
  • $100.00 Minimum

Courtesy Pay

Get overdraft protection from America’s First Network Credit Union. This member benefit helps cover items presented for settlement in a members share draft account even if the funds are not currently available.

  • Opt-in/opt-out of the program, specifically for POS transactions at merchants and at ATMs
  • Link to another deposit account first (i.e., Share Savings) and only incur a $5 fee
  • If the item is paid causing the member to go negative a $30 fee is incurred
  • Majority of individual member limits range from $0-$500
    Adding to the member benefits: This is a program that we offer through CUNA Mutual

TruStage Insurance:

By partnering with TruStage Insurance, this member benefit can help you plan for your future. Get policies that are beneficial to, and your wallet. Some members may qualify for $1000 in free insurance courtesy of America’s First Network Credit Union.